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Providing strategies to reduce stress and burnout

Lisa helps Directors and Business owners work through stress, burnout and low energy to bounce back and spring forward into successful business.

Being at the top of the company tree can be a very difficult place to be. There is often a lack of support and understanding.  This can lead to employees feeling judged by employers and stakeholders rather than feeling supported with helpful strategies that aim to reduce levels of stress and burnout.

Owners of SME’s are also extremely vulnerable as the majority of owners are also the directors, leaders and influencers with no one else above them to offer support.

Lisa works with individuals and organisations to combat stress before it leads to burnout, which in turn will reduce the knock-on effect of reduced productivity, high employee turnover and instability through the organisation.

Prolonged exposure to stress has a significant impact on a persons’ physical, mental and spiritual well-being and left unresolved can ultimately lead to long term consequences such as disease, family breakdown, loss of employment and financial stability.


6 Steps from Stress to Success

With her carefully crafted Opti- mind model of convergence, Lisa goes that extra mile using her 6 steps strategy, coaching individuals to recover from stress and moving forward, co-creates strategies with directors to take the business to the next level…

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