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Are you dreaming of running your own business?

13 March 2020

Are you dreaming of running your own business? Tired of putting all of your energy into working for someone else but just don’t know where to start?

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams

So many people stop before they even start because they are afraid or lack confidence. Is you? Please read on..

Common myths that prevent people from starting their own business

You need to a have lots of money: Wrong! There are lots of ways to finance a new business including, joint ventures business start-up loans earn-out purchase private investment angel investment

There is too much competition: There is always going to be competition. If you are doing it right, your ‘perceived competitors’ will become your friends, mentors and possibly even your customers. If you work with other services rather than against them, your integrity will shine through. There are never enough products and services available

You need experience or a business degree: Entrepreneurs are innovators thinking and doing things and experimenting with new ideas that they have never done before. Experience comes with running a business and learning as you go. Business schools can give you knowledge but not experience.  Many great successful entrepreneurs have failed several times before they have succeeded.  They key is not to give up!  Keep going and surround yourself with people who know more than you.  You don’t need to be skilled at every aspect of our business… Just know what needs to be done.

Worried about what people say: So many people, especially those from small working towns worry about what other people will think. If you worry about what other people think you will never succeed. If you know you are doing something with integrity then you don’t need to justify your plans to anyone.  At the end of the day, you are providing a service, a solution to a problem, you are giving other people the opportunity to make an income by employing them. You are making an impact and most importantly you are doing what makes you happy.

There are so many more myths that can be refuted.  If you can’t find a way passed the blocks that are stopping you get started give me a call and make the change you need for a happier life


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Lisa Vescio