Quiet Mind

Q is for Quiet Mind

A quiet mind is what many of us strive for and yet we fill it with so many thoughts it becomes impossible to just be.

22 March 2020

Why is that you might ask?

A person avoiding a specific memory or a situation will unconsciously find other things to do and think about to a point that ultimately leads to a chaotic and stress filled life. They will find it easier to deal with the stress than the thing they are ultimately avoiding.  Yet, if you do face up to the past or a decision you need to make about the future, you will find doors open and options become available to you. You become free of the burden and then free of the chaos that has been created as a result.

The past has happened, you can’t change it  and there is nothing to fear. Old wounds can be healed with the right help and the future can be anything you want it to be once you make the decision to free yourself from the whirl wind that you are experiencing. Anticipating an outcome is worse that actually getting past the action you need to take.

Short term pain = long term gain!

If you are still reading this, it is time to recognise why your head is busy and then stop and rewind. A good coach will help you unravel the pattern and get to the core of the issue.  You may find that this chaotic pattern you have created has stemmed from something simple.  It doesn’t have to be a traumatic event.

In our early years between the ages of 0-7 our patterns of behaviour are formed. Young brains are like sponges and absorb information from what is heard, what is seen and what is experienced. This forms a blue print for how we live our lives.

There is a saying ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’ and that is because of these early experiences in life.  Chances are, if your mind is busy and your life is full of chaos this hasn’t just started.  It will have built up from your early years … like a snow ball adding to its momentum, until eventually….crash or even worse avalanche!!! If you allow this momentum to build in your mind the chances are you will crash and burn at some point and then you will be forced to  face up to those things you have been avoiding.  So, I urge you to look at this and work through it, otherwise you will become, mentally or physically ill or both.

In the meantime, here are some tips to help you quieten your mind:

  1. Talk to a friend or a professional. Ruminating over things won’t help you find the solution and will just keep you up at night. An objective way of looking at things will most likely give you a light-bulb moment.
  2. If you have a decision to make, write a list of the pros and cons of doing this. Putting thoughts to paper will help you empty your mind. From there you can create an action plan to help you move forward with the decision.
  3. Listen to some relaxing music before you go to sleep, but be sure to switch your appliance off and away from your head level once you are finished. Any type of transmitting appliance left on such as your mobile telephone, TV or laptop etc will stimulate your mind.
  4. Stop any stimulating work at least 2 hrs before you go to bed. Even watching the TV up until you go to bed will keep your mind stimulated and prevent a good night sleep. You need to wind down at night… not up.
  5. Learn how to breathe properly. Breathing correctly helps to balance your mind and body and reduces the stress hormones that are flooding your mind. Focusing on your breath helps move you out of your mind and also allows for the energy that’s whirling in your head to actually escape.  Thoughts are made up of frequency and vibration just as our whole body system is.  Imagine thoughts as a solid form in your head… how heavy must it be?  Breathing correctly helps diffuse all of those thoughts into smaller and lighter energy particles which can then be filtered out and ultimately dispersed.

In order to feel free in your life, it is inevitable that you have to release the burdens that are preventing you move forward. Take time and decide. What do I need to do to quieten my mind?  Is it a decision I have to make?  Is it a pattern I have to change? or do I need to create a new structure to balance my life? If you can’t work it out for yourself find some one to help you. I’m certain that you will never look back.


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Lisa Vescio