The Women's Board


Put some freedom back into your life and move from stress to success

My Mission:

To give people freedom back in their lives

Finding the perfect work life balance and the developing a positive mental attitude helps bring focus and clarity to both business and personal objectives.

My mission is to assist business leaders find the balance they need to create successful and harmonious lives and businesses.

My Vision:

To positively enlighten lives and restore the equilibrium in the minds of leaders which reaches people at all levels

Assisting stressed, burned out and overwhelmed business owners and leaders to achieve mental alignment, thus enabling successful and harmonious businesses and a happy workforce.   

To develop an inspirational and motivational coaching and leadership community that is abundant in; knowledge and skills; happiness, passion and joy; healing and balance.

Leading the way to a brighter future for many people

My Values:


To help others help themselves and live happy and fulfilled lives.


To restore tangled minds and move people forward with passion in their heart.


To believe in others and for others to believe in themselves.


There is no divide.


Work with people to find their purpose. Life without vision is a roundabout of tribulations.


To foster open and honest working relationships, led with a moral and ethical approach


6 Steps from Stress to Success

With her carefully crafted Opti- mind model of convergence, Lisa goes that extra mile using her 6 steps strategy, coaching individuals to recover from stress and moving forward, co-creates strategies with directors to take the business to the next level…

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