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Coaching & Mentoring

Helping you to take responsibility for identifying your own goals


Coaching is a process that allows you to reflect and gain awareness of who you are, what is important to you, your strengths, challenges, etc. Coaching opens options to you and what action to take in order to make the changes you want in your work or life.

Coaching focuses on helping you to take responsibility for identifying your own goals, assessing your strengths and areas for development and identifying your solutions for moving forward. As a coach I work with you to achieve this by providing a safe, creative and non-judgemental space, asking thought-provoking questions and listening to help you explore, reflect and make decisions.

As an experienced mental health professional, executive director of twelve years and qualified coach I have the experience, resources and tools that help to work with you specifically around managing stress and moving forward with a successful plan in life, business or both.

My tailored coaching process can help you to make changes in your life, business or career, improve your performance, enhance your relationships with others or develop specific skills.


Mentoring is where the emphasis is on the trainer imparting their knowledge to you. As founder of an established mental health service I have the knowledge and experience which enables me to mentor you through the process of building a business and or taking your business to the next level.




6 Steps from Stress to Success

With her carefully crafted Opti- mind model of convergence, Lisa goes that extra mile using her 6 steps strategy, coaching individuals to recover from stress and moving forward, co-creates strategies with directors to take the business to the next level…

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